A handbag made of pure python skin can be extremely expensive, and should therefore be treated as a serious investment, not just another accessory. Exotic skins such as snake need special treatment to help them last a lifetime and always look their best. The rules of general leather care do not apply here, so here are some tips to keep your snakeskin bag looking great:

  • Keep it safe – of course your bag should be used and enjoyed, that’s what it is there for after all, but keep it away from extreme conditions, such as moisture. Dampness and humidity can result in scales peeling off and your bag being ruined. It may be advisable to use one of your cheaper bags if you intend to go out on the town on a rainy evening or during a blizzard. It’s just common sense!
  • Keep it clean – but don’t use leather products or cleaners of any sort. Snakeskin is delicate. If you spill something on it, gently dab the spill up with a clean, dry towel. Don’t use chemicals because they can cause the skin to crack. Do NOT rub moisture into the bag, and do not dry with any kind of heat source. Let it air dry. It’s always preferable to avoid stains and spills from occurring in the first place, so just remember to keep your bag safe and out of harm’s way whenever you use it.

Don’t leave it in the sun – exposing your snakeskin bag to long periods of intense sunlight, for instance, if you leave it in a sunny car or by a window for long periods, will damage your bag. Picture peeling, cracking and fading colour. A good way to keep your bag looking pristine and in mint condition is to store it in a dust bag in a cupboard away from direct sunlight. Don’t squash your bag in its storage space, as this can distort its shape over time.

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