Hair ExtensionsHair extensions are a wonderful and affordable way to enhance your natural hair’s look and even feel.  They add length, texture and fullness instantly.   As they are added to your hair by a professional Hair Salon, the best way to have them removed is also by a professional.  If you are pressed for time or a little short on cash however, you can remove them yourself.  You need to do it properly though, so as to not damage your natural hair.

Having hair extensions put on is one thing, but having them removed is another. Depending on the type of extensions you have, it may take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hour to have them removed. In addition, you may need the assistance of a professional hair stylist or you may be able to remove them at home. Either way, it is important that you remove the extensions carefully and properly. This will help to ensure that your own natural hair is not damaged during the process.

If you have clip-in extensions, you can simply un-clip them and be done with it.  While you are still using them, you should also remove them from your hair before you go to bed or when you want to take a bath or shower. With weaves, it depends of how they were put into your head. Clip on hair extensions are easier to remove by yourself at home. You will simply need to clip them off. Within a few minutes you would have removed them.

If you have braids, these are easy to remove at home. You simply need to cut the bottom of the braid and undo the plaits until it is loosened from your hair. The tail end of a tail comb will help you undo the plaits. If they are very thin plaits, a toothpick would be perfect for removing the braids.

If you have sewn-in hair extensions, it becomes a little trickier to remove them.  First of all, you need to be able to see all the sewn-in roots.  Sewn-in extensions have adhesives applied to them and you have to loosen the adhesive product before you will be able to remove the extensions.  Applying an oil-based conditioner or even just plain olive oil to your hair will do wonders in loosening any type of adhesive. Sewn in hair extensions are a bit trickier to remove, especially if you are doing it by yourself. If you can get someone to help you remove them, then do so, otherwise, you will need to be able to figure out where the threat that was used to sew them ends and where your natural hair begins. You can then snip off the thread and separate the sewn on weave from your hair.

For weaves that have been glued on, an oil based conditioner will help to loosen the adhesive. It will help you be able to gently pull out the weave. However, it is very important that you take your time with this. Allow about 30 minutes for the oil to loosen the adhesive before you begin pulling. Also, do small sections at a time so that you do not damage your scalp or natural hair. By being patient, you should be able to quickly, but gently remove the extensions.

Keep in mind that you cannot remove several extensions at once.  You will have to tackle them one at a time.  After waiting about 20 minutes for the oil or conditioner to work its magic, you can apply some acetone to the sewn-in roots.  This will assist in breaking the extension completely free from your natural hair.  After a couple of minutes you will see the extension pulling loose.  At this point you can lightly pull the extension from your own hair.

Should the extension not glide off easily, add a little more acetone to the sewn-in root.  After you have removed all the extensions from your hair, you should wash and condition your hair thoroughly to remove all traces of the oil and acetone.  It would be wise to wait a couple of months before adding extensions to your hair again.