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February 25, 2014

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How to remove hair extensions

Hair extensions are a wonderful and affordable way to enhance your natural hair’s look and even feel.  They add length, texture and fullness instantly.   As they are added to your hair by a professional Hair Salon, the best way to  →
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Maintaining Python Skin Handbags

A handbag made of pure python skin can be extremely expensive, and should therefore be treated as a serious investment, not just another accessory. Exotic skins such as snake need special treatment to help them last a lifetime and always  →
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Attractive Ways To Wear Hair Extensions

Women with thin or short hair can now create voluminous, long hairstyles in a quick and convenient way. There are a variety of different options in Hair Salons when it comes to hair extensions. Here are a few hairstyle ideas  →
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Should you get breast implants before or after pregnancy?

The best overall decision to make is to have any breast augmentation surgery done after having children. Many young women are unhappy with the size or shape of their breast and have surgery done, not realizing the effect it may  →
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Lose your gut quickly

One of the biggest causes of weight gain in adults is stress and unhealthy sleeping habits. At least 60 to 80 percent of the South African population suffers with weight management issues due to these two factors. Unhealthy sleeping habits  →
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Hair Extensions- Top Maintenance Tips And Advice

Hair extensions can be quite pricey and this is particularly the case if you are having real human hair extensions done. Learning how to maintain and look after these extensions properly will help to keep them in tip top shape.  →
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