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February 25, 2014

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Camping Made Easy

A camping trip can either be one’s worst nightmare, or the best experience of one’s life, depending on the preparation made beforehand. There are many tricks, tips and great advice that one could choose to follow and include in the  →
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Why Are Canopies Essential For Bakkies?

Over the past decades South Africans have become far more style and status conscious, and seeing that Light Delivery vehicles (also referred to as bakkies in South Africa) with luxury accessories seem to have become quite a bit of a  →
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Man dies in massive tanker truck collision

Road officials say that an oil tanker travelling down a highway from Range Road 215 burst into flames on Sunday after being hit by another truck in a very serious collision. According to police, the large truck hit the oil  →
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General reasons why cars are outrageous

We can’t imagine a world without motor vehicles or any other type of vehicle for that matter. Without our cars we would still be saddling up our horses and having to battle with horse and ox waggons, time would stand  →
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Which GPS tracker should you be using?

There are so many different GPS tracking units currently on the market that no one would blame you if you got a little hot under the collar when trying to choose one. Luckily for you, this list highlights five of  →
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Porsche’s five top models of the century

If you know your way around a car, you already know the amazing quality and design of almost every Porsche model out there, but those who specialise in the manufacturer’s vehicles will know just what types of Porsche’s really excel  →
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Tips for safe truck driving

Driving a truck is not nearly as easy as driving a normal car. You are in control of a lot more metal and steel and have a much bigger responsibility on the road. However there are a few things you  →
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