Women with thin or short hair can now create voluminous, long hairstyles in a quick and convenient way. There are a variety of different options in Hair Salons when it comes to hair extensions. Here are a few hairstyle ideas to get your inspired:

A Sleek or Curly Ponytail
A longer length ponytail can be quite an elegant look and it is really easy to achieve. Simply style your hair as per normal and pull back into a ponytail. You can position it at the nape of your neck or high up on your head. The low side ponytail is also quite popular. Then simply attach the ponytail hair extension to your natural hair. Keep shorter hairs in place with hair spray.

Some Up And Some Down
Style your hair as per normal and create a parting from one ear, along the back of your head to the other. Clip in the hair extensions and let a layer of hair down over this so that the clips are not visible. Pin up the remainder of your hair and add an interesting clip and some hair spray to finish the look.

Clip In Hair Extensions
Clip in hair extensions are a very convenient option for those looking to add some glamour and oomph to their style every once in a while. They can easily be attached and detached at home. Always style these extensions separately and not with your natural hair. If you are looking for a clip in hair extensions in a vibrant blue or purple then you can purchase blond extensions and simply dye them in the colour of your choice.

Adding Volume
Hair extensions are a great way of adding volume to thin or flat hair. Simply attach the extensions in layers, working from the top of your hair to the bottom. Make sure that you conceal the clips adequately when doing this.

A Few Tips And Advice
Always detach clip in extensions when washing and styling your hair. If you have permanent hair extensions then you should avoid using chemicals on them. In fact, it is always best to leave the styling of your hair to the professionals if you have permanent hair extensions in place. Always use a low heat setting when styling hair extensions.

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